RVSPCA Furry Friday: Julius



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We do prefer that our cats go to homes that are indoor only, because indoor cats live longer, healthier lives. Julius is extremely affectionate, and likes to talk. We have taken him out to public appearances and he did well in the crate while traveling, and was polite to the strangers who handled him. He is such a handsome boy. You can come meet him during adoption hours Wednesday through Friday Noon to 6pm and take him into our behavioral suite and get to know him. If you have other pets are children at home, please bring them with you so that you can watch how they all interact together.

RVSPCA more than 2 years ago


Is he an indoor only cat? Is he really affectionate?

Amy Hunter more than 2 years ago

RVSPCA reply

Hi Amy, just want to make sure you see the RVSPCA's reply above to your inquiry.

Liz C. Long more than 2 years ago

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