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Boring & Pretentious

Small but tastefully appointed. Very noisy and a bit warm inside. Fast service but disengaged wait staff. Good-to-excellent mixed drinks from tiny bar. Stale bread. Entrees were nicely presented but not very flavorful. Desserts were rich and on the small side. Uncomfortable chairs. Immaculate restroom. Interesting but way overpriced for the quality and quantity of food. Parking on street. Tables much too close together for intimate dinning experience. Will not return as better food, service, comfort, and parking can be had in nearby Roanoke.

Todd more than 3 years ago

Todd's Review is Both Accurate & Current

Todd's review is very true and the same impressions I had from uncomfortable seating and noise to curt staff and stale bread.

RR more than 2 years ago


I surely choose the wrong place to have a "catch-up", birthday lunch with a dear friend. A full house, though good for the management, was so noisy,
we had a difficult time understanding what the other was saying/asking.
I had called two days earlier and not receiving a confirmation of my reservation, called again the day before. I wanted a candle put in one of
their deserts for my friend's birthday. No one called. When we arrived at the restaurant, they didn't have our reservation, and though looking at the two of us, wanted to know how many would be in our party. Both of us came from out of town, and left early for our noon "reservation". It wasn't until I got back to my car that I found a voicemail message from 11AM that day, asking to call back to confirm our reservation.
I ordered the salmon on the menu. I thought it odd that our server asked "you wanted a small piece?". I didn't want a dinner size portion if that was what he was asking, so I said yes. Small isn't the word for it. Without a word of exaggeration, the piece of salmon received was the size of my thumb, about half again as wide. Really? Small?
I regret my decision to try Blue Apron, but won't make the same mistake twice.

Joyce more than 4 years ago

Sounds great!

Can't wait to give it a try!

Kevin more than 4 years ago

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