Dining: Semi-Celebs Pick Their Faves!

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Texas Tavern

I would agree with just about every restaurant mentioned here, except for Texas Tavern. I was witness to an overtly racist act to this African American girl and her Caucasian friend there one night. I haven't been back since. For some reason, they refused to serve her. It was late night, but she wasn't drunk. She came in, sat down and waited for a long time. They overlooked her many times. I think she finally got mad and got up to leave. One of the women, who seemed to know the staff very well said: "Oh, why are you guys being so mean?" and another man said "What are you talking about?" and the woman responded...(The employees name) wouldn't serve that black girl!" To which all the employees chuckled as the girl and her friend left. I settled my bill and left. I couldn't believe what I had seen. It doesn't make you feel good to see that. I'm not from here, but I don't think it's acceptable. The cheesy western is good, but not good enough for me to support that establishment

Annie Smith Ramey more than 3 years ago

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