What’s Your Parking Beef? (Or Non-Beef?)



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oh please

if you think parking is difficult in Roanoke, try parking in D.C.!

C.J. more than 4 years ago


It has always confounded me how people complain how there’s such a parking issue downtown. It is EASY to get a parking space when there isn’t a festival going on.

There’s usually a few spaces behind the Taubman and always a couple of spaces around Community High School. If you’re coming downtown after 6, there’s always spaces next to the Suntrust building on Jefferson. Should all these fail, Church Ave. usually has some spots open.

The issue seems to be that people aren’t willing to make the effort to walk a block or two. It’s the height of laziness.

Whitey more than 4 years ago


I agree with the gentleman below. There is plenty of parking around downtown Roanoke you just need to spend the time to look and get to know all the different lots. Coming down from your stronghold to attend a square society sacrifice once a month, is of course going to leave you disoriented. Now onto more pressing topics such as the lack of proper hitching posts and spittoons!

Hollywood more than 4 years ago


I fail to see how a pottery shop succeeding smack in the middle of SWoCo is a poor reflection on parking in downtown Roanoke. If I had an ice cream truck, it would make more if I parked it next to a playground than it would if I parked it next to a gym. It’s called “knowing your demographic.”

A.C. more than 4 years ago


Parking downtown is not an issue. Between street, lots and garages there are tons of places to park. However, if you refuse to learn how to parallel park, plan to arrive a few minutes early, or are to cheap to pay up a couple dollars on a busy night then you will never be satisfied. That’s why all the crap chain restaurants at the mall and other areas are always busy. It’s where the uneducated masses go.

Anne more than 4 years ago


I have a handicapped placard and park downtown everyday in the same spot. I sometimes forget to place my placard in my window. We use to be able to provide a copy of the placard and not receive a charge. Now we pay $25 even after provding a copy of the placard.

faye more than 4 years ago


Parking problems will continue to get worse with more downtown apartment complexes scheduled to open. If you don’t think it’s bad now, think about 5 years from now when hundreds more residents park freely on the streets during nights and weekends. I lived in the center of downtown for years and trying to park is annoying, but it’s part of being in in the mix. I accepted it. Get over it and walk a few blocks. It could be much worse.

Josh more than 4 years ago


I’m a Roanoke native and I recently moved back from Austin, TX. ANY one who feels that there is a parking problem has obviously never been to a city of any size. To find a space within four blocks of the place you’re trying to go in downtown Austin would be an absolute miracle…and NONE of the spaces were free. Be glad you’re walking a few blocks in the beautiful Blue Ridge weather and not the 100+degree days in Texas!

jesse more than 4 years ago