Wreck of the 'ol 29281



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Jeff Ell

I always enjoy Jeff's writing. Thank you for this piece. I had no idea this place existed.

Kim Weitkamp more than 3 years ago

burial of aviators

I'm not certain where they were buried. The remains were retrieved over several days after the crash, a gruesome job as described by the volunteers who carried out the task. My assumption is that they were returned to their families.
Jeff Ell

Jeff Ell more than 3 years ago

Wreck of the ol 29281

Great story!

Gary Davis more than 3 years ago

Gary Davis

Gary Davis is a very accomplished photographer..Pictures are absolutely beautiful. He can take the ordinary and make it extrodinary.

Dina Vorac-Heath more than 3 years ago

B-25 crash site

Where were the remains of the aviators buried?

Charlie Wirth more than 3 years ago