Reader's Choice Dining Awards 2011

Dining Awards 2011

One thing about readers of The Roanoker: They love to eat at Roanoke Restaurants.

Well, two things: They also have strong knowledge and opinions on the best places to eat. And here are the results of those opinions – gathered in online voting during the fall – on the best places to dine in Roanoke for everything from soup to nuts, from appetizer to dessert. And everything in between.

Overall Dining

Best New Chain Restaurant (opened since July 2011)

  • Platinum: Cheddar’s
  • Gold: Chipotle

Best New Kid in Town (opened since July 2011)

Best Ambience

Best Anniversaries/Special Occasions

Best Seafood

Best Sushi

Best Indian Restaurant

Best Thai Restaurant

  • Platinum: Red Jasmine
  • Gold: Tong’s Thai
  • Silver: Thai Continental

Best Chinese Restaurant

Best Italian Restaurant

Best Italian Restaurant (Chain)

Best Mexican Restaurant

Best Mediterranean Restaurant

Best Japanese Restaurant

Best Other Ethnic Restaurant

Best Traditional Virginia

Best Vegetarian Restaurant

Best Comfort Food

Best Downtown Restaurant

Best Hollins/North County Restaurant

Best Southwest Restaurant

Best Lake Area Restaurant

  • Platinum: The Landing
  • Gold: Mango’s
  • Silver: (tie); Jonathan’s, Moosie’s

Best Salem Restaurant

Best Vinton Restaurant

Best Late-Night Dinner

Best Late-Night Dinner (Chain)

  • Platinum: IHOP
  • Gold: (tie); Applebee’s, Denny’s

Most Diverse Menu

Best Kid’s Birthday Spot

  • Platinum: Chuck E Cheese
  • Gold: (tie); Bubblecake, Thunder Valley

Best Buffet

Best Dinners Around $10

Best Lunches Around $5

Best Deli

Best Carryout

Worth an Hour in the Car

  • Platinum: The Homeplace
  • Gold: Liberty Station in Bedford
  • Silver: (tie); Natural Bridge Restaurant, Swinging Bridge Restaurant

Worth Sharing with Friends and Family

Best in the Neighborhood

Best Pre-Performance Dinners

Best Healthy Plates

Best Business Breakfasts

Best Family Breakfasts

Best Family Breakfasts (Chain)

  • Platinum: IHOP
  • Gold: Cracker Barrel

Best Business Lunches

Best Inexpensive Lunches

Best Daily Specials

Best Sunday Brunches

Best for Taking the Kids Along

Best For Group Gatherings

Best Appetizers

Best Appetizers (Chain)

Best Salads

Best Soups

Best Soups (Chain)

Best Desserts

Best Local Pizza

  • Platinum: New York Pizza
  • Gold: Grace’s Pizza
  • Silver: Frank’s Pizza

Best Chain Pizza

  • Platinum: Pizza Hut
  • Gold: Papa John’s
  • Silver: Domino’s

Best Sandwiches

Best Burritos

Best Burritos (Chain)

Best Barbecue

Best Hot Dogs

Best Chili

Best Local Hamburgers

Best Chain Hamburgers

  • Platinum: Red Robin
  • Gold: Wendy’s
  • Silver: Burger King

Best Ham

  • Platinum: Padow’s
  • Gold: Heavenly Ham
  • Silver: (tie); Pete’s Delicatessen, The Homeplace

Best Steak

Best Steak (Chain)

Best Chicken

Best Chicken (Chain)

  • Platinum: KFC
  • Gold: Bojangle’s

Best Buffalo Wings

Best Buffalo Wings (Chain)

Best Ribs

  • Platinum: Blue 5 Restaurant
  • Gold: Blues BBQ
  • Silver: Henry’s Memphis BBQ (since closed)

Best Breads

Best Breads (Chain)

Best Smoothies

Best Smoothies (Chain)

Best Baked Goods

Best Baked Goods (Chain)

Best Local Doughnuts

  • Platinum: Blue Collar Joe’s (since closed)
  • Gold: Salem Donut Shop (now Veggies to Go, still serves doughnuts)

Best Chain Doughnuts

Best Cookies

Best Cookies (Chain)

Best Chocolate/Candy Store

  • Platinum: Chocolatepaper
  • Gold: Nancy’s Candy Co.
  • Silver: Baylee’s Best Chocolates

Best Milkshakes

Best Milkshakes (Chain)

  • Platinum: Chick-Fil-A
  • Gold: (tie); Bruster’s, Dairy Queen

Best Biscuits

Best Biscuits (Chain)

  • Platinum: Bojangle’s
  • Gold: Hardee’s
  • Silver: McDonald’s

Best Local Ice Cream

  • Platinum: Homestead Creamery
  • Gold: Pop’s Ice Cream
  • Silver: (tie); Katie’s Ice Cream, Salem Ice Cream Parlor

Best Chain Ice Cream

  • Platinum: Bruster’s
  • Gold: Dairy Queen
  • Silver: (tie); Baskin Robbins, Maggie Moo’s

Best Bagels

Best Quick Bites

Best Local Coffee

Best Coffee Chain

Best Grilled Cheese

Best Picnic Food

Best Picnic Food (Chain)

  • Platinum: KFC
  • Gold: Fresh Market
  • Silver: Kroger

Best Bar Experience

Best Local Craft Beer

Best Beer Selection

Best Wine List

Best Wine Made in Virginia

  • Platinum: Chateau Morrisette
  • Gold: AmRhein’s
  • Silver: Valhalla Vineyards

Best Mixed Drink

Best Nonalcoholic Frozen Drinks

Best Alcoholic Frozen Drinks

Best Martini

Best Nightclub

Best Bachelor Party

Best Bachelorette Party

Best Happy-Hour Deals

Best First Dinner Together

Best Inexpensive Dates

Best Expensive Dates

Best for Watching the Game

Best for the Game (Chain)

Best Outdoor Dining

Best Live Entertainment

Most Unique Experience

Best Overall Staff

Best Chef

Best Maitre D’

Locavore’s Dream Come True