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Brickhouse Crossfit Owners

Amy Nance-Pearman

It’s not just the jargon that sets CrossFit apart and has aficionados talking about changed lives; it’s also a level of dedication and shared suffering that engenders new and genuine friendships, along with new and genuinely transformed bodies. more


Foot Levelers

Ryan Stone

On-site gyms, health insurance incentives and wellness programs are just a few of the ways local companies encourage their employees to maintain a healthy lifestyle. more


Dr. Kinga Powers

David Hungate

They seem to discover quickly what we know: It’s friendly here, easy to get around. There’s lots to do outside, the restaurants are good. Housing prices are significantly lower than in big cities. And yes, you can meet other single professionals... more

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Dr. McBride

David Hungate

What do little Johnny and Susie need to lead a healthy, well-rounded lifestyle? Local pediatricians share their advice on adolescent check-ups, growth, development, diet and exercise. more


It’s not often that the Roanoke Valley is a national harbinger. But when it comes to the job market, we’re already where experts say the country is headed, with 25,000 workers – 17 percent of the entire workforce – employed in medical-related jobs. more

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Top Docs 2011-2012

Top Docs Featurette

For our biennial polling to determine the best doctors in the Roanoke Valley, we contacted more than 6,000 nurses. Here are the results of their votes.

Medical Professionals Portfolio 2011-2012

Top Docs

Click on the image above to view a special advertising section from our July/August 2011 “Top Docs” issue.