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Sara Elizabeth Timmins

Dan Smith

For Sara Elizabeth Timmins and Andrea Shreeman, the combination of the place, the people and the funding makes the Roanoke area their personal set for creating films. Read more

Local Businesses

Luke and Rachel Higginbotham

Ryan Stone

Rachel and Luke Higginbotham went all the way through school together and, at 25, are now at work running their own coffee shop and their own hutch-manufacturing business. Read more

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Aaron and Michelle Dykstra - Six-Eleven Bicycle Co.

David Hungate

They range from two employees to nearly 50. What they have in common is a good idea, hard work and a measure of success, even against the headwinds of a stubborn economy. Read more

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John Garland

Beth Jones

Despite a (slowish) recovery, this isn’t the economy where you charge into the boss’ office to demand a better health care policy, the freedom to work from home or Cheetos in the vending machine... Read more

Local Businesses

Jonathan Hagmaier and Joyce Waugh

Jim Markey

Area business owners and the economic development organizations that support and nurture them agree that the keys to success are careful planning, taking advantage of advice and moving slowly. Read more

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