Brenda McDaniel

The street’s rugged, raucous past is finally giving way to a present and future built around trendy lofts and apartments and equally fashionable businesses to serve their residents. Read more


Even as downtown vacancies cause a wince, the southern end of Jefferson continues to show growth and promise for the future. Read more


The busy, diverse, business-lined roadway has roots to The Great Road, to another great road (U.S. 11), and is today, of course, its very own great road. Read more


The West End Street, part of an area listed on the National Register of Historic Places, had a grand beginning, a short heyday, a steady decline; and most recently, a decided uptick. Read more



David Hungate

As we look back over 40 years, we asked several fine writers to talk about what this place means to them. Read more



Douglas Miller

While developers are creating the faux traditional neighborhoods in the style of Disney's town of Celebration, the real things are deteriorating or fighting for their lives. Read more

, Home & Garden

All spring the board wrestled with the budget. Then came the dark affair and the Monroe affair and the Foster affair. By mid-June each new day was greeted with front-page headlines announcing the board’s latest surprise. Read more

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