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From joint and bone health to mental health, heart health to cancer prevention, we’ve tried to bring you the best advice available on every topic we’ve addressed in our year-long wellness series. Now it’s time to bring it all together. Read more

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Douglas Miller

While developers are creating the faux traditional neighborhoods in the style of Disney's town of Celebration, the real things are deteriorating or fighting for their lives. Read more

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I’ve got an entirely new smile as I write this. Just a few short months ago I had teeth that made me feel self-conscious when I smiled, laughed or talked. However, I stubbornly refused orthodontics for years. Read more

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great room

Douglas Miller

It’s a second-generation love affair. Follow the family history of the 35 acres and spacious house, one of the valley’s original homes by the famous Deyerle brother builders. Read more

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  • Ben Gui Sushi

    Photo by Douglas Miller

    Ben Gui Sushi

    Delicious food, speedy service. Ben Gui is Roanoke’s newest entry in the sushi scene.

  • Table 50

    Douglas Miller

    Table 50

    Table 50 fare. The entrees show the influence of Frankie Rowland’s, where the owners came from.

  • Full Moon Café

    Douglas Miller

    Full Moon Café

    Tasty and portable. The pastries ordered “to go” received high marks from our taste testers.

  • Stephen's

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  • Alexander's

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  • Alexander's Restaurant

    Douglas Miller

    Alexander's Restaurant

    Alexander’s rarely advertises, but the small downtown restaurant that specializes in French dishes is usually crowded.