Roland Lazenby

Frank Beamer

Dave Knachel / Virginia Tech

Virginia Tech’s football coach draws strength from a family character steeped in tragedy – both deep within that family’s history and also from his own life-changing childhood accident. Read more

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If you go looking for the Roanoke Valley in 2010, I swear you can find it right there in the broad panorama available to occupants of the high VIP boxes at Salem Memorial Baseball Stadium... Read more


George Lynch

New Orleans Hornets

J.J. Redick and George Lynch have little in common, except that they’re the sole inhabitants of a very exclusive club. Read more

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J.J. Redick

Duke University

It’s been obvious for a while now just how badly people want to get a hold of the young Mr. Redick, the Duke University guard (and former Cave Spring star) with the sweetest shooting stroke in all of college basketball. Read more

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