Women's Conference: RECLAIM

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In partnership with Virginia Tech Roanoke Center

We're inspiring women to rise above the clouds of insecurity and unease caused by the pandemic, redeem their power, restore hope and reap the tools and information they can apply to their life and work. 

Join The Roanoker Magazine’s Inaugural Women’s Conference: RECLAIM, as we join the world for Women’s History Month, in Celebrating the Women Who Tell Our Stories. We invite you to join us for a day of restoration, hope, empowerment and reconnection with your peers, colleagues and the community.

Attendees will enjoy a full day of powerful speakers, workshops and connection. We will venture to The Rooftop at Center in the Square for a lunch panel featuring placemakers and community builders providing you a chance to celebrate and learn about women who are making Roanoke a special place to live.

There is limited space at our venue for this event and we expect it to sell out. Please register as soon as you know you would like to attend!

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For sponsorship opportunities, please contact Beth Bell at bbell@leisuremedia360.com.


Lindsay McKinnon, Trauma Informed Somatic Healing & Resiliency Coach, CEO & Visionary at Soul Body Connect — Resiliency Unleashed: Embracing, Creating and Reclaiming Life on Our Terms

Order, Disorder, Re-Order – in that sequence. Due to the pandemic and God knows what else each individual has been navigating, we must be creative inside the chaos and bring order back to our lives and systems. We are in a place of re-learning who we are, with whom and what we identify, and re-evaluating the kinds of support systems we need now, in order to carry us into the future. She will teach the audience a few somatic tools they can apply immediately to regulate their nervous systems and create the mindset needed in order to learn new things throughout the day from the leaders who will be speaking, sharing through discussion panels, or teaching workshops that help them create more meaning.

Christine Kennedy — Reclaiming your Priorities: Living with intention. Living on purpose. 

We all have passion for something and purposes we want to fulfill. But at times, we can also have setbacks, derailments and self-sabotaging actions. In this session, leadership and life purpose coach, Christine Kennedy, will help you re-evaluate your vision, values and daily actions so that you can reclaim the life you want to live…on purpose! 

Laura Wade — Reclaiming Your Joy

What are you passionate about? And how do you create a life you love? Laura Wade, Certified Passion Test Facilitator and Soul to Goal Guide, will share 3 keys to create a life you love and help you discover your passions so you can have more joy and fulfillment every day.

**Lunch "Reconnect" Panel – We’ll take a field trip across the Hotel Roanoke breezeway to Center in the Square’s Rooftop to hear from local community builders and placemakers.

The panel includes Tara Marciniak | Center in the Square, Waynette Anderson | Dr. Pepper Park, Lee Hunsaker | Hoot and Holler,  Keri Vanblaricom, Noke Van Co & Fishburn Perk, Lisa Spencer | Local Colors, and Kimberly Butterfield | Huddle Up Moms.*

Dr. Christy Arthur, Center for Ultra Health — Reclaiming Your Rest: Sleep Awakens Your Superpowers!

Remember those times when you’d go to bed, turn the lights out, and the next thing you know, you are waking up in the morning feeling refreshed, full of energy, and excited for the day ahead?  Most of us left that type of sleep-in childhood, trading it for late bedtimes, hot flashes, nightly frustration at waking up at all hours, and exhaustion when the alarm goes off. As a family doctor, Dr. Christy Arthur has successfully treated numerous sleep disturbances in her career. During this session, she will share innovative solutions that you can implement quickly, so you can reclaim your rest, ditch your bedtime dread, and awaken your superpowers!  

Lottie Schottmiller — Finding Your Center: The Power of Pause 

When faced with an impossible list of obligations, it's no wonder many women feel the effects of burnout. During this session, we will build a toolbox to help you hit the pause button, find your center and cultivate a life that is authentically aligned.

Dr. Melinda Hill, John Maxwell — New Year, New You: Creating Positive Changes that Last 

In this session, participants will learn top ways your saboteurs hijack efforts making positive changes; the 3 primary reasons why positive change initiatives fizzle; how to use the 5 Sage Positive Powers to adopt a successful mindset for sustaining positive changes.

Lee Hunsaker, Hoot and Holler — Cultivating Connection: How Our Stories Can Save The World

In this lively and interactive workshop, Lee will lead participants in thought-provoking and inspiring writing prompts in order to spark heart centered conversation based on our unique personal stories.