Roanoke in 1931



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Mick or Mack

I will tell you this about Mick or Mack, it employed many many many high school kids with part-time jobs and it was a TRUE family tradition that if anyone in your family had or was working at Mick or Mack you were sure to get a job there also. I hated it when they sold to the people from Philadelphia and ran it in the ground.

MArk C. 314 days ago

Mick or Mack

You are correct, was a great place for part time employment for high school kids. I miss it myself. My Father worked at the warehouse in Salem, my Mother worked at the sore in Salem, I worked at Towers & sister at Peters Creek. I enjoyed working for them.

Lisa Lambert 30 days ago

Mick Or Mack Supermarkets

I lived in Roanoke as a kid,,and remember,Mick,or Mack.Was a great place to live in the early 1950's.

Sam Roney more than 1 year ago