Roanoke's Best Restaurants: Readers' Choice Dining Awards 2013

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Dining Awards 2014

Our food-loving readers are back with their picks for the best restaurants, nicest dining rooms, best service and so many more recognitions of just how lucky we all are to get to go out to eat in the Roanoke Valley. Our thanks to all who voted and our congratulations to all the winners.

(Looking for results from previous years?
Click here for our 2012 and 2011 awards.)


Best of the Best

Best Overall Dining

Best New Restaurant in Town (since7/2012)

Best New Chain Restaurant (since 7/2012)

Most Creative Menu

Best Expense Account Dinner

Best Hotel Restaurant

Best To See And Be Seen

Best Remodel/Relocation

Place You Never Get Tired Of

Best Simple Meals

Food So Pretty You Hate To Eat It

Best Late-Night Dinner

Most Diverse Menu

Best Buffet

  • Platinum: Red Palace
  • Gold: Golden Corral
  • Silver: Hibachi Grill and Buffet

Most Affordable Dinners

Most Affordable Lunches

Best Deli

Best Takeout

Best Healthy Plates

Deal You Gotta Try

Best Sunday Brunches

No Tabasco Required

Best Quick Bites

Best Outdoor Patio

Best Sidewalk Dining

Best Exotic Combinations That Work

Best Gluten-Free Choices

Locavore’s Dream Come True

The Personal Touch

Best Overall Staff

Top Chef

Up and Coming Chef

Best Maitre D’

Favorite Foods

Best Local Pizza

Best Chain Pizza

  • Platinum: Papa John’s Pizza
  • Gold: Pizza Hut
  • Silver: Domino’s Pizza

Best Subs & Sandwiches

Best Barbecue

Best Hot Dogs

Best Chili

Best Local Hamburgers

Best Chain Hamburgers

  • Platinum: Five Guys
  • Gold: Wendy’s
  • Silver: Red Robin Gourmet Burgers

Best Steak

Best Steak (Chain)

Best Fried Chicken

Best Chicken

Best Chicken (Chain)

  • Platinum: KFC
  • Gold: Chick-Fil-A
  • Silver: Bojangles’ Famous Chicken ‘n Biscuits

Best Buffalo Wings

Best Ribs

Best Fish and Chips

Best Seafood

Best Biscuits

Best Biscuits (Chain)

  • Platinum: Hardee’s
  • Gold: Bojangles’ Famous Chicken ‘n Biscuits
  • Silver: Red Lobster

Best Bagels

Best Grilled Cheese

Bread Lovers’ Dream

Best Appetizers

Best Appetizers (Chain)

  • Platinum: Applebee’s
  • Gold: Cheddar’s
  • Silver: TGI Fridays

Best Small Plates

Best Salads

Best Soups

Best Soups (Chain)

  • Platinum: Panera Bread
  • Gold: Olive Garden Italian Restaurant
  • Silver: McAlister’s Deli

Best Vegetarian Menu

Best Comfort Food

Ace of Cakes (Best Desserts)

Best Yogurt

Mouthwatering Baked Goods

Mouthwatering Baked Goods (Chain)

  • Platinum: Panera Bread
  • Gold: The Fresh Market

Best Chocolate/Candy Store

Best Local Ice Cream

Best Chain Ice Cream

Best Local Craft Beer

Drink Up

Best Wine List

Best Wine Made in Virginia

Best Club

Best Martini List

Best Happy-Hour Deals

Best Local Coffee

Best Coffee Chain

  • Platinum: Starbucks
  • Gold: Dunkin’ Donuts

World Map To Great Eats & Drinks

Best Indian Restaurant

Best Chinese Restaurant

Best Italian Restaurant

Best Italian (Chain)

  • Platinum: Olive Garden Italian Restaurant
  • Gold: Carrabba’s
  • Silver: Mirko Pasta (since unchained and renamed Fresco Italian Restaurant)

Best Mexican Restaurant

Best Japanese Restaurant

Best Traditional Virginia Food

Best Sushi

Best International Taste Not Covered Above

Best For Talking Business

Best For Taking Everyone Along

Best Kid’s Birthday Spot

Best Kids’ Menu

Makes The Whole Family Happy

Best Anniversaries/Special Occasions

Dinner Dates That Score Big

Best Vibe

Best Picnic Food

Best Picnic Food (Chain)

  • Platinum: KFC
  • Gold: Bojangles’ Famous Chicken ‘n Biscuits
  • Silver: The Fresh Market

Best Tailgate Food

Best Late-Night Fun

Best Diner, Drive In or Dive

Best Late-Night Dinner

Best Late-Night Dinner (Chain)

  • Platinum: IHOP
  • Gold: (tie) Cook-Out, Waffle House

Best Neighborhood Bar

Best Beer Selection

Most Creative Cocktails

Best Basic Watering Hole

Best Uptown Bar

Best Bachelor Party

Best Bachelorette Party

Best for Watching the Game

Best Live Entertainment

Best in Their Part of Town

Best Downtown Restaurant

Best Hollins/North County Restaurant

Best Salem Restaurant

Best Vinton Restaurant

Best Lake Area Restaurant

Worth an Hour in the Car

Best in the Neighborhood


Looking for results from previous years?

Click here for our 2012 and 2011 awards.